Robert Redford对年轻电影人的建议

2016年的圣丹斯电影节开始了。创始人Robert Redford在采访中谈论他对年轻电影人有什么建议。


I guess film schools have become important, they didn’t exist when I was starting out. Maybe SC, but now they’ve become more prominent, there are film schools all over the place. I’m not sure that that’s [film school is] the answer as much as experience. As much as getting out in the world and seeing what’s going on by firsthand experience. Make an adventure for yourself. Hit the road. 

Don’t go from school to school — to film school — and then make a movie — you can. But you’re going to be relying on what you saw, you’re going to be relying on the effects that that filmmaker did — you know whoever it is — they created this thing with a camera, they did this thing — “So I want to do that.”

To me, what’s more important if you want to tell a story, and you want to own the story you’re telling, get out in the world, hit the road, and have some real life experience that’s going to feed your mind. And then you’ll come back and say, “I just went through this thing, I want to talk about that.” 

It took me a while to realize that the country I grew up in was really about winning. Everything mattered. And I was told as a kid — because I was active in sports — and the word you got was it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. I found that was a lie. That everything mattered. And I thought OK, I want that to be a subject of the work I do, that winning is everything. So I would say that that came from my own personal experience of getting out in the world. 

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