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January 8th, 2022


I think it was kind of comical that after I decided to have more friendship with men, I still went out to see a female friend yesterday.

We had a great time, sure, because it was everything that I was used to. At certain point, the topic of how 60% of the women can not reach vaginal orgasm naturally would come up. She said it was probably 80% because another gay friend told her that. I suspect all gay men knew just how deeply unsatisfied women are because they themselves are devoid of such pleasure most of the time. But that is just me being silly and generic, and being generic is one of the worst sin you can commit, so I will try to avoid that in the future.

Before I complain any further about my lack of male friendship, I think it’s important to just focus on the high priority item in life. At the moment, I need to find a day job and end this endless wandering around. Regroup, learn a craft, save up some money, please my corporate overlord, get a permanent resident visa in Germany, and plan my next step back to the States. There can be a lot of overlap, but nothing can change the fact that the two years of labor to get that sweet card is part of the future I envisioned for myself. At least for now. At the same time, do not stop writing. I went through my old posts on this blog and they contain great insights that I just never acted on. Sometimes it would mean that after a whole page of rambling, only one golden sentence would occur. It’s worth it to produce junk just so you can get the occasional breakthrough that could last you a lifetime. So just keep showing up and doing the work.

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