Category: Study on Humor

My study on the subject of humor across different mediums


Veep S1E4: Chung

Hello, children. You looking for some fresh backs to stab? — Doyle unusual word combination fresh + backs (Clean jobs) Oh, is that what they...


Veep S1E3: Catherine

You are like a earlobe. You’re just there. Just wobbling. — Amy unuusual simile Well, that would be a betrayal from the veep. So I...


Veep S1E2: Frozen Yoghurt

Key Events Selina negotiates filibuster reform with Doyle Selina becomes temporary president when he gets sick Selina forced to mingle with normal people at Frozen...


Wanda Sykes: Not Normal

A selection of Wanda’s routines in her Netflix special. Underline indicates where the audience laughs. Setup: Let me just start by saying, if you voted...


Veep S1E1: Fundraiser

Summary Vice President Selina Meyer and her staff – chief of staff Amy, spokesperson Mike, right-hand man Gary, and executive assistant Sue – are still...